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EB President Kevin Graney Briefs Legislators on State of Submarine Business

GROTON, Conn. (January 25, 2022) - On Monday, Electric Boat (EB) President Kevin Graney hosted virtual briefings for elected and appointed leaders from southeastern Conn. and R.I. including federal, state and local elected officials and along with business leaders, representatives from EB’s customer and vendor base and the press.

In his briefings, Graney told legislators that Electric Boat will be hiring 3,050 employees this year, an increase over the 2,533 employees the company hired in 2021 in keeping with its continued growth.

"Electric Boat is in the midst of a once-in-a-generation, quite possibly historic, expansion to support concurrent production of the Columbia and Virginia classes of submarines", said Graney. "We are hiring and training thousands of new employees, strengthening our national supply base and investing nearly $2B in our facilities in CT and RI to accomplish our mission."

The Columbia class submarine will replace the aging Ohio class of ballistic-missile submarines as the backbone of the U.S.’s strategic deterrent. Over the last 14 years, Electric Boat has been preparing to support this program. Construction of the lead ship, Columbia, is 15% complete. Last May, advance construction for the second ship, Wisconsin, began.

The great power competition involving the United States, Russia and China is driving a demand signal from the U.S. Navy for more capable submarines. Electric Boat has continued to upgrade and evolve the fast-attack-submarine Virginia program so the United States remains ahead of its adversaries. Russia continues to build submarine classes with asymmetric capabilities like very large nuclear-powered and nuclear-tipped torpedoes. China continues to develop its Navy, threaten Taiwan and has demonstrated a hypersonic missile capability, Graney said.

Like other businesses, Electric Boat has been affected by COVID, especially with hiring challenges caused by retirements and more people leaving the job market. In response, EB is trying new approaches, including television advertising, and seeking potential recruits from non-traditional populations and under-served communities.

"But we can’t do it alone, we need your help," said Graney. "If you remember anything that I’ve said today, please remember that EB, the company that designs and builds the most complex machines on the planet, is looking for people who want to join a company with a storied history, strong future and a noble mission. Come join us."

SSN-793, PCU Oregon, heading out from Groton on sea trials on December 16, 2021.
SSN-793, PCU Oregon, heading out from Groton on sea trials on December 16, 2021 Hi‑Res Photo

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